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Native Roots

Jack Weatherford

Culture does not live in blood or genes; it lives in the way of life, in the attitudes and values, in the types of food eaten, the clothes worn, and the institutions established.

Civilizations of North America spoke in earth and wood, in fiber and textile, in bead and shell.

The ancient people of North America built civilizations that only lately have we begun to see, but that we still do not understand.

We built cities and cleared farms across the continent but we do not know the story of the land on which we live.

Our cultural roots as a modern people lie buried in a thousand historical sites and surviving Indian reservations across the continent. Thes ancient and often ignored roots still nourish our modern society, political life, economy, art, agriculture, language, and distinctly American modes of thought.

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Native Roots
Jack Weatherford

Crown Publishers, Inc.


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