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A Scientific Expedition Into The Forces Of History
Howard Bloom

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In this book, Bloom succinctly describes the devil of the bible - and therefore our minds - because we have come to accept the oft repeated descriptions and legends crafted about the greatest force of evil.

As Bloom asks: "In a world evolving into ever higher forms, hatred, violence, aggression, and war are a part of the evolutionary plan. But where do they fit? why do they exist? what possible positive purpose could they serve?

These are some of the questions behind the Lucifer Principle."


I'll have to admit that when I began to read I made a quick judgment that Bloom didn't know what he was talking about. And as I read on and on, I realized that in sticking to my long-held views, I was doing exactly what he was pointing out all along.

He makes good arguments and I don't think he is making them up because he references well-known sources. Although I am not familiar with all of them, I have read some of those he relies heavily upon so I believe he makes a good case.

While I don't consider myself a violent person, I could well enough be violent toward someone who attacks my family. But his observations go beyond personal violence and individual reactions. There is a whole that is obviously affecting the world at the moment and it may not be a result of my individual view of violence, the overall strife is an outgrowth of feelings which I share with a larger group.

Bloom's work is provocative and well worth a read but it might also spur you to read some of his references because they demonstrate from where his logic grows. Richard Dawkins "The Selfish Gene" is one good book to read and there are many others that go into the history of politics, science, and strife.

Bloom explores such subtleties as evolution of the brain, development of concepts, ideology as a thief and the inference of reactions of laboratory rats as scientists search for insights into human emotions and vagaries.

You will also enjoy his concept of stress and the wrongful emphasis used in seeking medical advice.

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A Scientific Expedition Into The Forces Of History
Howard Bloom

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