Woman's Evolution
from matriarchal clan to
patriarchal family

an excerpt...

Evelyn Reed's book has three parts:
Part I. The Matriarchy
Part II. The Fratriarchy
Part III. The Patriarchy

Evelyn Reed describes the beginnings of marriage in Part II. The Fratriarchy. This part traces society relationships that moved from women dominated groups to the sister-brother association. Patriarchy didn't happen overnight. Apparently brothers discovered some power in the communities. Men made liaisons which may or may not have been monogamous but couples did not live together continuously.

The book is out of print. Here are Pages 308 through 318.

Chapter 10 describes "The Beginnings of Marriage" and I chose a few pages under the heading: Marriage by Mother-in-law where Bachofen points out that the archaic Latin-based term for marriage indicates its matriarchal origin:

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