The marvel and mystery of the brain
by Diane Ackerman

"Imagine the brain....that wrinkled wardrobe of selves
stuffed into the skull like too many clothes into a gym bag."

If the title sounds too technical to be a good read - be forewarned - the descriptions, metaphors and humor sprinkled among scientific references used throughout the book may keep you spellbound.

Ackerman delves into evolution in the section she calls "Miracle Waters" and subsequent chapters deal with known and unknown science under headings such as: Sweet Dreams Of Reason, Never A Dull Torment, and The World Is Breaking Someone Else's Heart.

To keep the discussion from being as impersonal as a laboratory, Ackerman throws in episodes from her own experiences to illustrate the relationship to the senses and the mind. From there it is easy to understand the scientific information.




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