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Buck Up, Suck Up…
and Come Back When you Foul Up

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James Carville & Paul Begala


For those of you who have already read anything written by James Carville- his new book, co-authored with Paul Begala is titled Buck Up, Suck Up… and Come Back When You Foul Up.” ‘Nuf said. For those unacquainted with Carville, read on.

Reading James Carville is like spending the evening with an old friend. In 1999, as vice-chair of the Whatcom County Democrats, I was invited to speak to a high school civics class. To prepare, I read Carville’s 1996 book, “We’re Right, They’re Wrong.” Not only did it give me facts necessary to answer students’ questions, but it reminded my of how great it is to be a Democrat.

“Buck Up, Suck Up….” made me feel great, too. Sometimes the laugh-out-loud wit comes thick and fast. Sometimes the authors use the words of famous leaders, old adages or even ‘mother’s advice’ to explain their concepts. Sometimes it’s clear that the authors couldn’t come to an agreement about how to make a point so they included their deliberations as part of the text. However they present the issues, the book is consistently entertaining and friendly.

“Buck Up, Suck Up” is a great opportunity to discover James Carville. And now that I’ve discovered Paul Begala, I’ll be adding his name to my list of ‘must read’ authors.











Book Jacket

Buck Up, Suck Up…
and Come Back When You Foul Up
James Carville & Paul Begala

Simon and Schuster


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