Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

What can I say about this movie and it's DVD release? If you're like me, you saw it several times in the theaters. You bought the VHS edition and were pissed about the lack of DVD version.

From the outside, this looks like a conventional DVD box, but when you open it, there is an unusual flippy-thing that holds an extra disc. One disc has the movie, the other has most of the extra features.

The movie is pretty much as you remembered it from the theater. One big difference is watching it on your computer, which is very hi-res. The deleted scenes are interesting. They're mostly of the podrace (which was long and boring enough as originally released). There's also some extra aliens and one scene where Anakin is beating-up a certain Rodian whom you will no doubt remember.

Another difference is that with the disc you can access some secret content on the web (provided that you're using a computer, not a TV). You'll see several previews from episode II that will make you wonder if you're not seeing the whole movie. Very lush scenery.

Bottom line: Should you buy this movie? Well of course! Every Star Wars fan will want to own this one. Let's just hope this is the final remastering and that there won't be yet another DVD version of this film (as Lucas did with the VHS versions of episodes IV - VI).

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Daniel Sherer


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