Plants In Place

Now don't those Laurel plants look lovely? That's what the evergreen plants are called on your left as you look
to my front steps from the sidewalk on Abbot St. They show new leaves and that leads me to believe they are
settling happily into their place by my walk. I water the other side of the walk frequently as well and those
plants are also doing nicely. I can't rate high in yard competition with the neighbor across the street whose lawn
is so well kept that it looks artificial. It is real. He works his lawn tools very noticeably because he is a
handsome hunk and very watchable in his own right. I notice any and all men who walk by. Aren't they for looking?
My back yard has wonderful green plants and trees making it a very pleasant place for my Adirondack rock.
Squirrels, crows, wood peckers and starlings are at home there. My personal zoo. A skunk odor wafted through
yesterday but only momentarily. I never saw the stinker and hope I never will.