No Faith At All

Millions of people enjoying a weekend made abnormal by religious practices are discounted as if they were unimportant and even almost non existent during religious holidays. There are more nonbelievers than any one group clustered around their one concept of god - you name it - no one religion can claim as many people as the group who deny any practice or belief in god.

We are people who do not have faith in such fantasies as an afterlife, an individual who overlooks daily lives, or a preposterous claim that one can ask for something and have it delivered.

"good people practice no faith at all' stated our court appointed president in a special address. Indeed we see life as in the here and now. Life is to be lived in the best possible way as set down by morals practiced since Homo sapiens became a viable species. Morals weren't invented by religions. Religions were built around morals and gods were invented to enforce beliefs that overstepped and flaunted those morals when a believer desired.

Religion is where terrorism is justified.
Religion is where bigotry is practiced.
Religion is where human health is jeopardized.
Religion is where raping the earth is encouraged.

We who "practice no faith at all" are proud to be unbound by a dictator, whether from an old book or from new dogma invented daily to control and terrify naive, innocent minds.

We who "practice no faith at all" are proud to recognize the human mind can solve any problem that humans create when we set our collective brains to work.

We who "practice no faith at all" are proud to understand each of us is a unique individual with common ancestors who came first from starstuff.

We who "practice no faith at all" are proud to seek scientific answers to lovely and fearsome natural wonders.

We who "practice no faith at all" are proud to practice no faith at all.

Naomi Sherer