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Sometime ago one of our readers asked SalmonRiver what they thought of "gay rights/marriage". We generally do not respond, except in rare cases. It has been our experience that responses lead to diatribes. Then the actual point of the original article is obfuscated. But this seems to be a sincere question, so I will answer.

I believe the question arose after reading my comments about President
Bush's state of the union speech. I was curious as to the extolling of President Clinton. I then expressed wonder over how many people are afraid
of Homosexual marriage. All of that aside, the answer is easy. I support
same sex marriage. I have no objections. I have no personal, nor
manipulated religious views against two people who have found love,
affection and companionship.

I have seen families torn apart by the cultural attitude towards homosexuallity. Good decent people on both sides; have had their hearts torn out. Those who acknowledged who they were, have been shunted and disowned by those people most important to them. I could easily launch into my own diatribe concerning "Choice Vs Biological Imperative". That would not address the question.

The question of same sex marriage is to me a no brainer. Homosexuals in
many cases have been denied the Love of their families. They have been
abused and marginalized by society. All People need the affirmation and
validation of bonded love. Homosexuals, too, need to know and feel that they are worthy of Love. They, as with all people, need the acceptance of
someone with whom they can share themselves.

No, I am not the person to get in the way of such a basic Human need. An
emotional and committed bond is too important for me to trash. It is also
too important a bond for me to deny to anyone.

Michael Sherer

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