The signature landmark of the Tri-Cities

Quality of life has always been top priority of the citizens of Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and surrounding residential areas. To maintain that quality of life we need open space. The ridge of Badger is available if we act now. Development pressures are taking up land everywhere. If we don't take the opportunity to save this land now, it will be covered with homes like other nearby ridges. From the ridge to the northeast you can see clearly, Richland and the Columbia river.

In our fast paced and hard working culture, losing ourselves in places like this quiets the mind, stretches the body and feeds the soul. It is very rare to have this much land, so accessible and with so much to offer. Activities available are hiking, biking, horse riding, Ice Age and native plant tours.

Badger has one of the best examples of native plant species in our region. Photos taken by Kathy Criddle and other wildflower enthusiasts during wildflower splendor in May 2004.

you can help preserve this for the next generations with your dollars and letters to the editor and local elected officials. See

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