large leaves catch meager sun on rainy days
cool park to spend your leisure
historic elk trail
our salmon river runs shallow in August
our salmon river runs into the Pacific Ocean at Cascade Head
mossy brush overhangs our salmon river
wild flowers at river's edge
lush growth crowds the river's edge


Come with me and tour OUR SALMON RIVER Country, Oregon, USA.
A small river, with gentle rapids, does not offer rafting or other high risk commercial sport, just fishing in season and secluded areas where you can enjoy the soothing effect of moving water draining heights less than one thousand feet. Expect to wade through fallen logs, moss covered trees and other vivacious under growth encouraged by frequent rainfall.

John Boyer was honored in 1930 by the Lincoln County Historical Society as the "father of the Salmon River Road". John and Julia Boyer settled (on what is now H.B. Van Duzer State Park along Oregon State Road 18) in the year 1908. A rest area marks the Boyer Post Office site established in 1910. For twelve years John Boyer operated the Salmon River toll road cutoff that was an improvement of an old elk trail over which people had crossed the coast range mountains since antiquity. When driving on Oregon State Road 18 from McMinnville you will pass through the Yamhill valley, drained by the Yamhill River that wanders northward to the Willamette River, through a large and fertile valley, finally emptying into the Columbia River to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Our Salmon River water goes through no such dilution because it wanders unerringly to the sea where it forms its estuary at Cascade Head, an unadulterated meeting of our Salmon River's water with a salty arm of the Pacific Ocean.

If you are coming southward on US highway 99W, you drive through farm country, where low pitched roofs harbor moss; marvel at the geometric perfection of budding fields of grapes with vines so neatly aligned you think of playing tic tac toe; lush green pastures sparsely dotted with horses to contract for trail rides; aging walnut orchards reminding you of holiday goodies; and occasional wooded hillsides. You might cringe at the clear cutting visible on the higher slopes as I do.

You can see lamas grazing at Dundee and miniature horses at Grand Ronde. Stop at the fish hatchery to view salmon at close range. Murray Hill summit is 760 feet in elevation but the paved road undulates over and around gentle hills all the way to the coast like a garden snake patiently winding through tufts of grass.

From road-kill evidence the area abounds in possum, deer and beaver. Residents occasionally hear the unmistakable scream of the cougar.

You welcome a stop for refreshments at Spirit Mountain Casino, operated by the Grand Ronde Gaming Commission. Park your recreational vehicle for an extended stay in a full service park, (under private ownership.)

Drive carefully, rest often, munch on fruit or raw vegetables while driving to improve your physical ability for vigilance, and arrive safely -- but for whatever time you have -- enjoy OUR SALMON RIVER Country.

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