Do not be disappointed if you came to salmonriver.com via a search engine indicating this website was a reference for fishing the mighty salmon. Of some six hundred thousand references to salmon river on the www only a few referred to rivers actually named "Salmon" and our location is not mentioned.

There are boat tours and fishing, to be sure, but this Salmon River in the state of Oregon on the Pacific side of the USA drains a lovely secluded coastal area with much to offer as explained in the ongoing pages.

Our Salmon River is serene and unruffled except when collecting runoff like a comforting mother from the surrounding hills and channeling it to the ocean at Cascade Head in Lincoln City. We do not apologize for lack of perils and risks from level five rapids.

You will find a similar, although shorter, river on Vancouver Island to the north in British Columbia, Canada. In northern California, a more savage tumbling Salmon River flows into the Klamath River from the Salmon Mountains to the west of Mount Shasta.

But that one cannot compare to the over four hundred miles of the mountain bound raging Salmon River of no return in the landlocked state of Idaho. The waters of the Sawtooth Mountains ravage and tear their way to the Snake River, pouring into the mighty Columbia River and finally the Pacific Ocean.

The salmon is indeed a formidable species if it manages to return from its adventure in the Pacific Ocean to the Idaho shallows of its birth past the eight concrete barriers erected to supply electricity to millions of unaware humans.

We salute the salmon, its habitat, and related animals that prosper within and around their ecosystem. This is our Salmon River system from which our name originates.

The staff of salmonriver.com is an extended family, with contributing members ranging from twenty-nine months old to seventy years, with thirty years of accumulated computer expertise beaming in the middle from which a designed web page can be purchased. Meanwhile let us demonstrate by entertaining all who venture in.

You will be treated to geology and history articles, intrigued by real life travel episodes, amused by personal antidotes, enlightened by personal philosophies, and delighted by original graphics. Welcome to our frequent updates.

Naomi Sherer


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