Home and Settling In

Nancy met the flight at two PM in SeaTac where Dan had booked me from the Burbank airport. She drove me home. She had been to the wedding in California as I had and was very tired. She stayed overnight and left after a quick shower and coffee. I was hardly awake when she hugged me goodbye at seven AM. Details get lost quickly in a foggy past but she had a long drive so wanted to get on the road. I, however, was at home and laid back to appreciate the fact. Yvonne and Fernando had taken care of my plants as promised. Watered and trimmed and raked the yard. Looked wonderful. Left pots of colorful plants in cute ceramic pots to jazz up my bench. With their sense of humor and playfulness, they attached artificial blackbirds to my witch tree. Cute! The wild water gizmos that Fernando favors did a fine overall job but stand high and I puddled extra water to my pet plants. The laurels looked a bit stressed and got a double dose. Still the yard looked great, I suppose because it was mine that made it even better. Cheat grass had come up and died of thirst in the chipped rock driveway. Eventually the skeletons will be pulled. All in due time. I sat in my Adirondack rocker with a big cup of cold milk and sighed with pleasure. At my age (and exceptional beauty) I am exempted from real taxes. Mike and June are at the Cardinals in Kennewick for a night. Mike came to visit for several hours. The two of us have a wealth of subjects to concur about. I love it! The chill of fall is in the air and I put on my bathrobe after dressing. Well summer's almost gone and winter's coming on as the song goes.

Naomi Sherer