Lounging In The Caribbean

Culebra is an island of Puerto Rico
that can be reached only by boat or small plane.
Tourists discovered it.
Turtles still come.
Leatherbacks made nests but no eggs were found.
Could the females who dug the nests
have been practicing virgins?



The pole house with- stands hurricanes. Built on poles sunk into the earth, it is expected to be earthquake proof, too. The cactus gave up to the hundred and ten mph winds of hurricane Marilyn.


  Rain squalls sweep across the sea rinsing the land and air with mist, leaving lovely colorful rainbows to enjoy from a deck on this pole house in Culebra.   Walks on Zuni beach at sunrise are not always colorful. The Caribbean waters capricously pull down the beach sand one season and put it back over the coral the next.