Indigenous and invasive plants clung to the roadside cliffs When one does a nature tour with Mark Smith from Portland, Oregon, you really get a nature tour. Mark is an expert birder and can almost always call in the elusive birds where ever he takes you
Mark Smith described the geology as he drove us through Jamaica Traveling on the 'wrong' side of the road with Mark as the tour guide, we got an understanding of the geology of the region as well as a quick stop when birds posed on nearby branches.
We enjoyed seeing fish changing hands at Fisherman's market near treasure beach before indulging in tasty lobster Watching fishermen dicker with buyers happened because we were on Treasure beach at the right time. Catches were spread on the ground and buyers, usually women, bargained for the best.
Frigate birds soar on the thermals Frigate birds soared close above waiting for the opportunity to snag an unwatched meal. The natives warned me not to let them drop too near me. People lose their eyes in an instant.
Vivid colors and sweet nectar attract the Jamaican streamertail Flowers of many colors and petal arrangements bloomed all over the island. Different species favored the coast, the hillsides and mountains. Impatiences are a nuisance overrunning all habitats.
We walked along the shady road before viewing the manatee in Alligator Pond Inland by the Black river a special rearing pond was being used for protection and nurturing of manatees which are being killed for meat in public areas, bringing them to near extinction.
Naomi Sherer