Naomi, with backpack in hand, Ready for Take-off
Listen my vagabonds and you shall hear
Sweet tips for travel from a randy old dear
- Or absurd bird...

I get samples of soap, shampoo, brush and comb
And set them aside for that next trip to Nome
- Or Timbuktu, Lulu...

Now I like my toothpick and dental floss too
So that is included, sometimes in my shoe
- Don't be silly, Tilly...

Hand cream, band aids, salve, and Q-tips
Oils, astringents, rope and some clips
- Ziplocked securely, Shirley...

Too many sandwich bags wasted you say?
Not once you've stained a dress with Olay
- Or a shoe with shampoo...

I bag them all in a small zippered pack
They're all ready when a trip is on track
- Get a Cadillac, Mack...

They're never ravaged for my daily routine
To isolate them seems all too extreme
- Or mean, Jean.

I put a list in the bag so I know what I've got
Without looking each time I think of whatnot
- Or forgot, I do that a lot...

Clothes are a bother when weather is hot
I take old worn ones, more comfy than not
- Or easily thrown, Joan...

Plan things that rinse well, dry quick with no wrinkles
Roll them quite tightly, smooth with no kinkles
- Takes practice, Cactus...

A dry run is crucial if you've never done
To see what holds up is really quite fun
- Polyester, Esther...

I've slanted my tips to lone travelers you see
'Cuz most in my journeys are women gone free
- Lost a half, Raff...

Men take their razors more often than not
Unhappy I think, unless the water is hot
- Cuss, Russ...

I would let my beard grow I want to mention
and wear wrinkled chinos to heck with convention
- Keep combed and clean, Gene...

Unless water is plenty, daily socks can't be changed
Shake 'em and air 'em way out of my range
- Downwind, Erwin...

Come back some days later I'll tell some more
How knees should not ache or feet not get sore
- Keep a stiff upper lip, Kip...


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