Step by Step


It's been a while since I posted anything, so I know you are all wondering, What has Nancy been up to this last month?

Well, one thing, I decided I would make stepping stones for around my yard. I've been saving old deli cartons and Dairy Queen ice cream cake container covers, but once I got the old jello mold from a garage sale, I figured it was time to pour some concrete.

The hardest part is getting a bag of concrete home or rather, get it out of my car once I got it here. Lucky for me, the bag was only sixty pounds, which I can handle if I plan it out ahead of time. But this might be the last time I try it.

Not that I am very interested in making any more anyway because I quickly realized that there are limited uses for stepping stones. Also, what am I supposed to do with the ones that didn't turn out so well? Concrete cannot be recycled.

But I ended up with some usable stuff. The jello mold worked nicely, also, the huge, oval deli platter cover made a nice one. The licorice tub top didn't work, which is what I meant by 'ones that didn't turn out.'

Besides that, I've been doing the usual summer stuff: pulling weeds, feeding birds, going to the beach. I don't need to mow grass much anymore because it turns out that wild violets make a wonderful ground cover, and even out-compete the moss. I also have forget me nots growing wild around the yard, but I like to help them out by collecting and scattering their seeds. Unfortunately, the envelope that I put the seeds in last week had a hole in one corner, and flowers won't grow on my kitchen floor or computer desk. Nature is on its own on that one.

No new animal follies worth mentioning. Unless you want to count Jerry bringing rocks home from the beach and putting them in the driveway. But I don't want to go into that because they are going to quietly disappear soon.

So, that's it for now.

Nancy Sherer



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