Subdued Rage


So there are still grown ups at the table.

I'm referring to Bellingham's political turmoil over the train the will race through town loaded with coal, AKA Satan's face powder, on the way to the deep water shipping port where it will be distributed to countries who don't care if they destroy all life on this planet.

A court has decided that the initiative will not go on the ballot in spite of the fact that plenty of Bellinghamsters signed the petition. It seems that the interstate commerce clause of the US Constitution will stand even as China turns the earth into a hell scape of black smoke and cheap Christmas decorations.

The initiative, referred to locally as Bellingham's Bill of Rights, is now relegated to history along with Freedom and Pioneer counties, plastic shopping bags, and the Boy Scout Troop that was intentionally led into a felony Federal No Trespass zone.

If you don't think politics is funny, you aren't paying attention.

Nancy Sherer



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