Life at Light Speed


Last week I braved the California freeway system to attend my nephew's wedding. I think that risking my life to get from Oxnard to Sylar made the event seem especially profound.

It was about an hour's drive both ways so I had lots of time to contemplate the journey of life, but mostly what I was contemplating was: why the same person who said she wouldn't parallel park in LA was willing to go seventy miles an hour in less space, surrounded by moving traffic. I bet that physicists are studying the phenomena of vehicles in high speed motion requiring less space than vehicles in a creep, stop, process of parking. The variables they will need to put that formula together will include speed of light multiplied by number of out of town guests in the vehicle.

Tomorrow I will be careening down Washington State I-5 to get Mom from the airport. Then I make a brief trip with her to Richland.

Nancy Sherer



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