Elderhostel Service Group Work On Trail
At the Outdoor Environmental Campus

George Williams College
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
October 17 - 24, 1998

unfinished chipped trail
Trails to Mission Hill were spread lavishly with chips that prevented weed growth and absorbed rain and snow.
folks hauled logs with rope Logs measured and cut to specification were hauled up a steep incline to the pre-arranged site by the Elderhostelers.
folks hauled in pairs Ropes attached to the logs became handles as folks in pairs labored with over two hundred feet of pre-cut poles.
chips secured by logs Staff augered two feet into the soil against the poles in which elderhostelers cemented upright posts.
slabs leveled at base step Slabs were uncovered, replaced and leveled at the base of the south end of the Memorial trail to Mission Hill.
erosion replaced by slabs A steep section further up toward Mission Hill was filled with slabs to prevent further erosion and make hiking less difficult.
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