Tests, Tests, and More Tests

There is no one who should be surprised at the latest episode in the ongoing quest for truth (July 29, 1999).  I am writing about the next step in the desecration of Kennewick Man. It seems that the "scientists" at the Burke Museum in Seattle were only able to reiterate the findings of Mr. Chatters in Richland, Washington.Those findings were that the skeleton was of a man 45 to 55 years old; and that he had a three inch spear point embedded in his hip, (not the cause of his death).  

They either do not want to accept the findings of his age 9,200 BP as aproximate; or they are working on a cost plus contract and want to draw this farce out. In any case, they (the scientists) through the Department of The Interior recommended further tests. This recommendation was made to the Federal Court in Portland as part of a quarterly status report. So far the five tribes representing Kennewick Man have not been notified. If it had not been for out-of-the-area news reports, they would not even be aware of this latest turn.

It seems that after three months all that has been accomplished is the reinforcement of the original studies. Now, instead of throwing up their hands and saying, "yup, this is an individual of ancient origins" they want to grind up some of his bones and re check the date of age that this individual came from. Then following that, they will probably want to compile a DNA database of local Natives to find out if any of them carry those same strands of life.  The upshot of this is that there is a group who do not want to return this man to the ground. They want to use him for their own selfish ends.

Yes, this is where our tax money is going. Let us not forget that it is The Department of The Interior that is picking up the bill for this exercise in bigotry. But maybe what we have here is just a whole bunch of overpaid eggheads sidling up to the government trough. It's not the first time such a thing has happened and as long as these nobodies can get away with it, they will continue to slop around and in the end arrive at the one conclusion that is already true. Kennewick Man was a member of a tribe that 10,000 years ago were homesteading along the Columbia River.

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Michael Sherer



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