Taxpayers' dollars for voyeurism?


I have found it easy to keep my peace to date, concerning the ALLEGED charges against our President. It could be I'm just getting old and that I remember the good old days. A time when the FBI, a.k.a. J. Edgar Hoover, would have salted this red herring down and called in favors. But, alas, in these modern times the strong hand of the Director is gone. And we are left watching bedroom politics.

Is this really a conspiracy against a sitting president, by a group of ideologues with the power to manipulate? Why of course it is ! The very path that "investigators" have blazed is marked with dung hills where these men and their toadies have surfaced. We have seen it with their early attempts to besmirch and denigrate Hillary Rodham-Clinton. The smears range from making money in the commodity market to hiding Vince Foster's files. None of it has stuck. In truth if we reexamine the facts with what we know now, we see those files stored in an office that Linda Tripp had access to. We see her allied with those money people who have hounded both The First Lady and The President. If you don't think Ms. Tripp is capable of hiding and then returning those files, remember her duplicity in first illegally recording Monica Lewinsky's phone calls and then luring her to Washington D.C. to re-record them for the Special Prosecutor.

Now, there is a real work of art. Kenneth Starr, like the lazy dog from Hee-Haw, lays on the porch and howls. When he tries to go back to his napping (read "Life position at Pepperdine) his masters kick him in the ribs and chase him off the porch to hound the President. Whatever may have been found under the guise of Whitewater (nothing) has now lapsed into the sniffing of bedsheets. That is, of course, where the real and prurient interests of these people lie.

Why do I now address myself to a public who really doesn't care? Well, it is because I found it curious that the Paula Jones case should be dismissed at the beginning of the Baseball season. The sport of getting Clinton has many comparisons with baseball. Two teams play each other while the spectators pay to watch. That's really all the comparison to be made. The team that the conservatives have fielded is turning out to be more the chicken in a uniform, who has managed to run around on the field of play for six years, and succeeded only in pulling down the opposing pitcher's pants.

Upon closer examination of the RIGHTeous, we find player after player whose history is founded in the Nixon administration. Now there's a group that wrote the book on dirty tricks and gave us the modern definition of conspiracy. Oh, there's the odd foreigner whose control of the media, gives him a fake authority of decency. And a few so-called religious leaders whose own bid for power was lost when their truths were exposed. But, they flail around like Bob Ueker facing Nolan Ryan and keep striking out. They can't really play as a team, because that would truly validate the conspiracy. So they or their flunkies each step to the plate and after four or five strikes are forced off the field. Unlike baseball this game of theirs has no time limit.

Another dissimilarity is that of the fan. You purchase your ticket before entering the stadium. The price of the ticket may increase from year to year. But the fan has the option of not attending. However, the price of admission to see The Kenneth Starr Bumbling All-Stars goes up during the game. We the taxpayers are charged the admission price whether we watch or not. If the amount of money the Special Prosecutor has spent was earmarked for a social program, the Republicans would be screaming for budget cuts. When I look at the open ended budget of this investigation, I do see a social program. One designed by and for Republican lawyers and supported by Republican legislators to dismiss a Democratic President. Conspiracy? You Bet.





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