Feng Shui
By Nancy Sherer

The haute couture of home décor,
Is 'Bring the outdoors in.'
Scatter rocks upon some moss,
In that unused violin.

Birds' nests and pots, a stump with knots,
A can of weathered tin,
Look simply great and up to date,
Draped with fake zebra skin.

And one can count on a babbling fount,
To evoke a forest glen,
But just as fine, sticks, mud and twine,
Construct a muskrat den.

Rusted bells and oyster shells,
A broken water pump,
These are free, as best things should be,
At your local dump.

On second thought, the dirt, the rot,
Removes all lingering doubt,
That walls and floors, and roofs and doors,
Should keep the outdoors out.

Be it ever so humble there's no place like home

Let the predators prosper

Nancy Sherer

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