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Hello and welcome to the Salmon River Gazette. We are an information site devoted to promoting any number of things. Among them, the vicinity where I reside. The Salmon River is a coastal river with its headwaters in the coastal mountains of Western Oregon. The river empties into the Pacific ocean at Cascade Head. It could be said to be a seasonal river with its stream a trickle in late July and August. In the fall, during the autumn rains, it becomes a typical swift flowing mountain stream. Thanks to the state of Oregon and its hatchery near Otis, Oregon salmon and steelhead still run on the river.

Across a small divide is the south fork of the Yamhill River where half a dozen streams comes together and flow east to the Willamette River. The South Yamhill River winds through the narrow Yamhill valley. It is here, in the upper reaches of the South Yamhill, that we reach out to the world. There is a timber industry in the area, a couple of veneer mills and lumber mills here in the west end of the Yamhill River valley.

The Salmon River Gazette is an electronic publication sponsored and owned by The Sherer Group. I am Michael T. Sherer, the publisher and editor. My son, Nick is one of our reporters. Daniel Sherer is our computer consultant and contributing visual arts editor. He learned his trade with military equipment and there's more than one airman who owes his allotment to Dan's abilities. The Sherer Group East is headed by Timothy D. Sherer, a linguistics professor who found his home writing security programs for a company in Boston, Mass. He is our systems analyst. I would say he's single and looking but it would only embarrass him, so I won't.

Naomi Sherer is our travel advisor. England, Hungary, Argentina, hiking the Himalayas, horseback riding in the snowy mountains of Australia, boating through Bangkok, river rafting in Costa Rica, or driving alone around the USA, she's the one who's done it. If there are other seniors out there who are curious, she'll explain how she started.

If this is your first stop at our site, let me briefly cover our other sections for you. The local news will be local, how much news in a traditional sense there will be I won't say. We will be covering the going's on of The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde and the different departments of the Tribal Government. Occasionally we feature a tribal member or community leader. A number of tribal functions happen throughout the year; these we will of course cover.

I hope you take the time to read the geology and history pages. The geology of the Pacific Northwest is one of violence and cataclysm, it has fascinated me and is one of the reasons I stay here. Most people are aware of the volcanoes of the Cascade Mountains, but those are only part of the sweep of the region. The human history of this area is ancient also. While many know that Lewis and Clark traveled through the region, few are aware that Captain Cook and some Spanish explorers were trading with the natives of the Pacific Northwest as early as 1773. Of course, European settlement was well established by 1850.

If you're just plain curious about any subject you find here and want further comments or stories, put a fingertip on the webmaster button at the bottom of this page and tell us what....and we'll see what we can do to further entertain.

I am a serious person but I hope to keep this light, curious and informative.

Michael Sherer


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