Naomi Sherer stumbled on the trekker's trail in the Himalayas, slipped off her horse on safari in Australia's Snowy Mountains, panted up Ayer's Rock in the Northern Territory, tossed the starting ball for a polo chukker in an outback station in New South Wales, snorkeled the great barrier reef off Queensland, boated down the Danube, climbed pyramids in the Yucatan and Guatemala, windjammered in the British Virgin Islands, sprained her right wrist in Chili - South America not the bean soup, looked a right whale in the left eye in Argentinean waters, and reconnoitered Europe by foot, bus, boat, and train. Want more? Click on an article below!

Life is fun and games

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Travel starts with one small flight

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Mighty Himalayas from 14,000 feet

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Fairy-like buildings adorned with protrusions to ward off evil spirits

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Travel Tips


Naomi trekking in Nepal


Bangkok, Thailand


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